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Our pure plant-based, antibacterial baby essentials are 100% natural, gentle and non-allergenic to keep newborn baby comfy and fuss-free all day.

Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton is your ideal baby oral wipes.
Practice Good Oral Hygiene
Discover your ideal baby oral wipes.
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Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cotton is 100% plant-based, antibacterial baby cleaning cotton.
Gentle Way to Clean Bums
100% plant-based cleaning cotton for baby's delicate skin.
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Suzuran Baby Deluxe Trial Kit is specially curated for parents-to-be. Try Suzuran Baby products by getting this Trial Kit now. Good to be send as gift as well.Suzuran Baby Deluxe Trial Kit is specially curated for parents-to-be. Try Suzuran Baby products by getting this Trial Kit now. Good to be send as gift as well.


Our most-loved, top-selling Trial Kit for parents-to-be.

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Hear from the Parents

We love using Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cotton with warm water. It is especially comforting on a baby’s skin. Elliot always smiles and enjoys his wipe downs. Instead of startling and waking baby Elliot during middle of the night nappy changes with cold wet wipes, this cotton wipe helps him to stay comfortable and in deep sleep. 


I’ve been using Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton! They are sterile oral cleaning wipes that are individually packed so it makes gum cleaning a whole lot more convenient. I love how this brand is a trusted brand from Japan and free of additives or chemicals so I don’t have to worry about what I’m putting in Ellery’s mouth.


Gauze Bath Towel that could be use while bathing her so she won’t feel so cold. Really helpful in keeping her calm too during her bath. It is so light, quick dry, gentle on baby skin & ultra light weight.


I only recently learn that it is not good to always use wipes (the wet type with soap esp) and the Pd recommended to use water to wash her bum! So this is when the Antibacterial Cotton comes in handy. It doesn’t fray and does such a good job. 


My baby loves wearing Gauze Undershirt during the daytime because it’s so cooling. Also tried it in air-conditioned room with a pair of pants in case he gets cold. Changing diapers is also a breeze because we no longer have to button and unbutton anything. Laundry-wise, they dry in a day since the material is so thin.


The Gauze Gloves are my fav. It is big enough and larger top design that enables him to moves and open his little hands in the gloves, so his development wouldn't be restrained. Plus, it can prevent his fingers from scratches and bites! And mommy no need to worries if he put his fingers into his mouth anymore! 


These Japanese sweat pad work like a charm! After absorbing the sweat from my baby's back when she's asleep, I can just remove it by pulling the top collar, keeping my baby cool and dry. Now my baby can sleep comfortably and mommy is happy.


Finally I discovered that the Gauze Sweat Pad could actually works well to prevent baby cloth soaked wet after sweating. Just slide in the sweat pad from the back of baby to absorb sweat and can be easily remove from the top after use.


I’m using these Suzuran Baby handkerchiefs, I think at least 10 pc a day! Since baby Kay LOVES spitting out milk after feed.