Your Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist 2022

It is always a good idea to prepare your hospital checklist in advance because truth be told, you may go into labour earlier than EDD due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, having a hospital checklist and preparing your hospital bag in advance can prevent you from getting stress or anxiety when nearing your due date as you may be experiencing a lot of emotions to welcome your newborn.

Here is our ultimate hospital bag must-haves: 

  1. Comfy shirts, sarung and maternity pads for mommy
    Pack your favourite comfy shirts because you would have been through child labour process, and you deserve to feel at ease and relax. Baggy long pants, sweatpants or sarung are good choices. You will be having a heavy period after the delivery, hence please get ready some maternity pads.

  2. Swaddle blanket to keep newborn feel safe
    Swaddling your newborn will keep him/her feel secured. Dress your newborn in breathable and comfortable clothing like Suzuran Baby Gauze Short Undershirt because we are living in such a hot and humid weather, you would not want to overdress your newborn with thick clothing. You can read more about overdressing here. So make sure you pack a swaddle blanket in your hospital bag as the hospital nurse will ask for a swaddle blanket from you upon discharging you and your newborn.

  3. Newborn gloves to avoid baby from scratching him/herself
    Did you know that baby is born with long and sharp nails? To prevent your newborn from scratching him/herself, pack Suzuran Baby Gauze Gloves which are gentle and soft on baby’s skin. If the gloves are too big, tape it with a medical tape to keep the gloves in place. This is a great tip we learned from hospital nurses.

  4. Newborn diapers and baby wipes to keep your baby’s bum clean & dry!
    You may check with your hospital first if diapers are provided. However, it’s a good idea to pack some diapers with you. Remember to change your newborn’s diaper frequently to ensure he/she is well hydrated (enough wet diapers in a day) and you can use Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cut Cotton to clean your baby’s bum and avoid diaper rash too.

  5. Some formula milk powder on standby
    We understand mommies will try your best to breastfeed your newborn. However, you may experience some difficulties in breastfeeding your newborn during the early stage, hence, having some formula milk powder will help your newborn’s tummy filled while both mommy and baby find ways to smoothen their breastfeeding journey.

That's it, this is our ultimate hospital bag checklist for you to prepare in advance for your labour. You can also customise it for your own use!